Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Way past due yet again....

No matter how hard I try I just can not find enough time in the day to keep our blog updated. If only I had a free day once in a while, heck I would settle for a free hour. Right now Turner is at school and the girls are in their room "napping." I think right now they are climbing all over their beds and playing catch with their doll. So it goes.

Life is moving for us at a hectic pace. Turner just had his 5th birthday, he is thrilled to be 5 and now can not wait to be 6 and 7. He is growing up so fast. This week we will be attending his Kindergarten round-up to meet his new teacher and take a look at his new classroom. He continues to amaze us with his amazing memory and phenomenal ability to write, read and lately his new found love of math. He is such an amazing boy and keeps us on our toes each and every day.

Marley, or Dennis the Menace as we now like to call her is our free spirit but also our girl who loves cuddles and big hugs. She gets into everything and loves to experiment with us to see just what she can get away with. She is very athletic and loves to run, swing, climb and keep us active. She currently loves Dora, and band aids. It would be odd to find her with out a band-aid on any given day. I may need to start buying them at Costco!

Morgan is our Princess or Diva. She has quite the attitude but can melt us with her blue eyes and affection. She tends to be the boss and perhaps the ringleader of our clan. She plays very well with her brother and most of the time with Marley. She is pretty fierce and definitely lets you know if she is upset. She can cry at the slightest of infractions against her but also can laugh just as easily. She is our most adventurous eater, she loves basically anything daddy is eating and prefers to eat off of his plate. Morgan loves princesses, she alone will keep Disney in business!

We are looking forward to a great summer, we are putting in a swing set soon and can't wait to see the looks on their faces once they see it in their backyard. We hope for a relaxing summer filled with visiting friends and family and will be busy gearing up for Kindergarten and Pre-school!

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